£50,000 for Car Insurance Anyone?

A leading car insurance comparison site has helped to prove just how ridiculous quotes for car insurance are these days by offering quotes of £50,000 and £26,000 respectively for a 20 year old woman and man whose age is not known. Both come from Bradford and have cars that should be relatively cheap to insure. Despite stating that all quotes of above £12,000 are filtered out, this comparison engine actually helped to highlight the problem with car insurance at the present time. It is just too expensive, with some quotes bordering on farcical, for most people to fit it comfortably into their already stretched household budgets.

Of course, it really is no coincidence that both quotes were given for Bradford drivers because the crime rate is quite high in the city, as is the claim rate. As a result of the postcode, residents are more likely to have to pay through the nose for their car insurance than people that live elsewhere. Unfortunately, even if you are a safe driver, have never made a claim and are an example of exactly how to conduct yourself on the road you may still have to pay a fortune to get your car fully insured and legal on the road.

So what can you do? Well, the woman who reported the £50,000 quote also reported that the vast majority of her quotes were between £7,000 and £8,000. Her age is a major factor but the best step she took was indeed comparing car insurance cover. It may be expensive but at least she was able to access polices that she may have not known existed otherwise. Comparing quotes is good for your budget and your peace of mind. It only takes a few minutes but may well alert you to an ideal policy for you so it is certainly worth a little effort.