Taxi Insurance

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Taxi Insurance

Choosing taxi insurance that is right for you can be a minefield at the moment. As with car insurance, the taxi insurance market has expanded exponentially in the past few years to incorporate more choices than ever before. You can now choose policies with a vast array of features to ensure that they suit all your wants and needs. Instead of settling with a generic policy, why not tailor your insurance to meet your every wish instead?

When choosing taxi insurance, you can take advantage of any number of policy features that encompass both private and public hire cover with the following key elements:

• Personal Accident & Public Liability a This will cover you and your car in the event of an accident as well as the general public in case they are affected by it. This element of taxi insurance cover is an absolute must if you want to legally transport passengers but is also a much for your own peace of mind.
• 24 Hour Claims/Help Line a You can always contact someone no matter what time of day or night you have an accident, which is obviously good because the taxi business is a 24-hour one!
• Legal Expenses a Should you need legal expenses in the event of an individual suing then this should be provided on taxi insurance policies. This will undoubtedly save you a lot of money if the worst ever does happen.
• Theft Cover a Having comprehensive protection should your vehicle ever be broken into or stolen will protect your best interests and ensure that you can replace your taxi as soon as possible, thus keeping your business running smoothly

There are also other elements of taxi insurance that you can request as a part of your policy. For example, you could choose to have personal possession cover, audio equipment cover and even breakdown cover. The makeup of your policy is completely your decision but you should ensure that you have everything you want and need on there to ensure that you can call on it should the need ever arise.