Use Your Garage, Reduce Your Car Insurance

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Use Your Garage, Reduce Your Car Insurance

Do you have a garage at home, whether it is attached to your home or as a separate entity? If you do then do you use it? If you have answered yes, and in that I mean use it for your car, then you may have done yourself a huge favour and accessed cheap car insurance as a result of your commitment to protecting your car overnight and when it would otherwise be sat on your drive or the road. However, you would also be one of the minority.

A recent study of car insurance customers with more than one car in their household saw many people admit to keeping stuff in their garages rather than their cars. No matter what their worries concerning the fact that their car could be damaged, stolen or bumped into overnight, not to mention being broken into of course, they still put up to ВЈ20,000 worth of car on the drive or road instead of moving the average of ВЈ3,429 of stuff from their garage to make room for it. If you think about it, this really does not make sense and can put your car insurance in jeopardy.

It used to be that car insurance providers asked whether you had a garage or an off road unit in which to place your car. Now many are changing the wording to do you store your car in a garage. This ensures that discounts are applied only where deserved and where the risk is much lower than it would otherwise be. With this in mind, you may want to consider whether or not your garage is being used for the correct purpose and indeed whether you could save money by clearing it out. You will soon see just how much money you can save in this way if you compare policies at Sun Alliance.

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