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Volvo V50 Insurance Quote

Insurance Group: 9 to 15
(V50 model dependent).

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Volvo V50 Car Insurance

Volvo has a reputation for being one of the most boring brands of car in the world, offering little in the way of excitement and yet ticking all of the boxes as far as reliability is concerned. However, it is definitely popular today thanks to certain models appearing in popular films, such as the Twilight Saga. Not only that, Volvo has recently injected a little style into its latest models and you only have to take a look at the Volvo V50 to see that for yourself.

Classed as a station wagon, the Volvo V50 offers a variety of different engines for you to choose from. There are the following options out there at the moment – 1.6L I4 100 hp, 1.8L I4 125 hp, 2.0L I4 145 hp and finally the 2.4 L I5 140 hp. As you can see, the power ratings are not as high as you might expect. If power isn’t your first concern then these models are ideal but if it is then there is also a V50 SV 340 hp model available.

The Volvo V50 does have a lot of features that are designed for safety and performance though. The models all have four wheel drive so they are stable and ideal for driving in all weather conditions. Aesthetically the car is fantastic too. With accessories, extras and technological features installed, it appeals to the gadget fans. The sleek bodywork appeals to those looking for beauty in a car and the space inside the car appeals to families everywhere.

The only problem with the Volvo V50 is the fact that its car insurance grouping is between 9 and 15 meaning that it can be a little on the expensive side. As such, it is necessary to shop around if you want to try to save money. You can compare features and premiums right here at Sun Alliance in just a few minutes if you like. Just fill in your car insurance wants and personal details and wait for the quotes to be returned. It really is that easy.

If you would like an insurance quote for the Volvo V50 whether it be third party, third party fire & theft or a comprehensive policy, simply click the button above to start the process.