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Volvo V70 Insurance Quote

Insurance Group: 11 to 18
(V70 model dependent).

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Volvo V70 Car Insurance

Volvo – if anyone hears that brand mentioned then they immediately think of quality, reliability but not necessarily aesthetic beauty. As one of the best manufacturers of cars in the world, it is therefore popular without having any style attached. Or at least this was the case prior to the release of some of the executive cars that have revolutionised its image recently. One such car is the Volvo V70.

The Volvo V70 is a huge executive car that has been available since 1997. It has been popular for quite some time now but that is not to say that this popularity has waned at all. The choice of front and four wheel drive is one of the elements that makes it appeal to business people who are looking to create a good image amongst their peers. In addition, the handling and performance level has indeed garnered numerous recommendations amongst friends and colleagues too. However, if there is one factor that should be highlighted as a major plus point for all individuals looking for a car like the V70 then it is the reliability. It will last you for some years and will rarely if ever let you down.

The one drawback that the Volvo V70 has relates to how expensive it is. Not only will you have to pay a bit for it but it literally drinks fuel so it will strain your wallet in that way and it is in car insurance groups 11 to 18, depending on the engine you choose. There are engine options of 2.0L I4, 2.5L I5, 3.0L I6 and 3.2L I6 s the larger the engine the more you pay in all ways, although the incredible safety of the vehicle (NCAP 5 star rating) will bring the insurance costs down. Either way, you may choose to compare car insurance quotes. You can save time and potentially money by doing it through Sun Alliance so see what is available for you to get your Volvo V70 on the road today.

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