What to do after a minor car accident


What to do after a minor car accident

Someone ran into you and its not your fault? Make sure you note down everything as fast as you can as that other person wont want to lose their no claims bonus from future car insurance premiums and could quite possibly blame you! Yes, this happens every day and whether or not that person admits liability at the time of the accident will not make any difference unless you have it in writing or on video!

 Handy Tips:

Try to stay calm.

Take down the other vehicles registration number. Pass this to your insurance company and they can tell immediately if the vehicle is insured and who it is insured with. This will speed up your claim.

  1. Draw an accurate (as you can) plan of the sequence of events and what was said.
  2.  Take pictures of the cars, the damage and positions on your mobile phone for proof and future reference.
  3.  Record any conversation using your mobile phone when swapping details with the other driver, especially if they admit liability.
  4.  Obtain names and numbers of any witnesses that could vouch for you as these witnesses could be invaluable in the future to your no claims bonus.
  5.  Having even a minor car accident can be a stressful time. However sufferiing with high car insurance premiums in the future can be just as stressful when previous accidents were not your fault!