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Womens Car Insurance

Apparently UK Statistics indicate that women (that’s females) make safer drivers than men. That’s all well and good, but how do they come to that conclusion?

Women are a smaller insurance risk than men

The above conclusion is derived by the fact that women are slower drivers than men. Just because they are slower does not necessarily mean that they have fewer accidents, it means the accidents they do have are not as serious because the majority of them are at lower speeds than the accidents involving men.

UK Law Changes in UK 2017

Womens car insurance was raised to that of mens in 2017 avoiding any discrimination between the sexes. Now womens car insurance will possibly only be cheaper at a specialised company – only time will tell.

How can legislation promote equal premiums when fatct tells us women have fewer, less serious accidents than men? Also if they are ignoring these facts, how come it is still so expensive for young drivers to insure cars as fact also says they are more likely to have an accident!