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Young Drivers Car Insurance

This group of people find it very difficult to get sensible quotes thesedays. It is wise to shop around as much as possible in order to get a wide spectrum of quotes for your car.

Cars even with a mid sized engine have a high quote tag assigned to them so younger drivers tend to opt for a small car with a low engine size to keep the premium down to a minimum.

Young drivers who have aspirations to own and run a performance car already are battling with performance car insurance premium prices. When they submit their details for a quotation often they will be battling for the quote to be cheaper than the car itself.

In a lot of cases some loopholes are uncovered when a young driver simply is added to a parents car insurance policy who has a zero age restriction. This can sometimes save hundreds of pounds but does restrict the driver from building their own no claims bonus.

General advice to young drivers is to get a small, sensible car which is in a low insurance group and build up a few years no claims discount. Be aware than some insurance companies will give new drivers who have recently passed their driving test an introductory no claims bonus.