Young drivers cheapest car to insure

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Young drivers cheapest car to insure

After some extensive research into car insurance for young drivers we have found out that the cheapest car to insure if you have just passed your driving test is:

The VW Beetle (old shape 2600cc model)

Ok these arent the best cars in the world but at least its cheap to insure right? Wrong!

Young drivers really are still getting stung big time especially the lads. The average car insurance quote for the ladies was £730 while the lads were quoted a shade over £900 !

With this car being the cheapest to insure it wont inspire young drivers at all, especially at this price. In fact if I were that young again I think Id prefer to use me old Grifter instead as it would definately be faster than the old VW Beetle!


If you still live with mum & dad make some enquiries at your local broker and see if you are entitled to use their no claims bonus due to you sharing the same address. This could really bring your premiums down and help you build up your own no claims bonus AND you could have a more desirable car (unless your names Brad and you live by the beach, wear boardies and call everybode dude)